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Everybody wants to find out which are the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya and know the particularities and atmosphere of each one. If you’re still not sure what a cenote is, and why tourists and locals alike love them, we have several reasons here for you to love them too. So, keep reading to find out exactly what a …

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Blog BB 24 abr-07

The Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel (5* GL)in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) won two Silver Travvy Awards for Best Boutique Hotel – Overall and Best Boutique Hotel – Mexico. The TravAlliancemedia company …

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Blog BB kite 29 mar-08

Isla Blanca beach is the best spot in the Riviera Maya to practice kiteboarding or take classes. Immersed in a shallow seawater lagoon just 25 minutes from Cancún and an …

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If you love spending Christmas with your family and visiting new places over the Christmas holiday season, Mexico is the ideal place for this year, especially the Riviera Maya. Here, …

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bluediamond luxury boutique hotel riviera maya instagramers

If there’s one thing that we’re sure about when it comes to social networks, it’s that aside from keeping us connected with friends and acquaintances, they also set the beat …

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blog BB Zonas arqueológicas Riviera Maya - 10 ago (27.07.18 CO)-06

The Riviera Maya is Mexico’s most popular area for tourists. It has an extension of 140km and runs along the Caribbean coastline of Quintana Roo. The area is home to …

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Blue Diamond Retreat

Are you looking for the same holidays as always or do you want to go one step further? Now is the time to transform your experiences into revitalisation and your …

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Have you ever been someplace where reality seems to blur with fantasy? Well, that’s the feeling you get when you witness a very unique spectacle that occurs on the coast …

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The Riviera Maya is most known for its white powdery sands, turquoise waters and bustling spring break destination-Cancun. But venture 42 miles south of Cancun, off the beaten path, and …

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Mayan pots for shaman ceremony

Each civilisation has its own rituals for connecting with the sacred, and nearly all cultures also have herbal teas, drinks and food to help them reach a trance like state …

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