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The whole world has been keeping an eye on Colombia in recent years. The hope generated by the peace process and greater investment in tourism are just two of the reasons behind this. The President of the Colombian Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism (ANATO), Paula Cortés mentioned that: “the change in the perception of the country because of the …

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Cartagena is one of Colombia’s most important tourist cities and is of huge historical value to the country’s citizens. It’s also a great place to spend an unforgettable holiday. If …

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Discover the coffee route through the Colombian municipalities that will take you through mountains, pumpwood trees, banana plantations, sandy bogs and guaiacums. Colombia is an Andean country that’s home to …

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If a visit to Colombia is on your bucket list, make sure to check out Villa de Leyva. Villa de Leyva is a town and municipality that’s part of the …

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Armenia en Quindío

Quindio is one of the 32 departments in Colombia. It’s located in the central-western part of the country and is part of the Colombian Eje Cafetero (coffee growing region). The capital, Armenia, suffered …

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Wine is one of those drinks that have been present throughout history. There’s evidence of wine production dating back to 4100 BC in Armenia, while it’s believed that the tradition …

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