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When you think of the Dominican Republic, you are likely to think of its idyllic beaches with crystal clear waters framed by rows of coconut palm trees. Lovers of natural tourism, however, will view this Caribbean destination from a different perspective: a perfect spot for ecotourism, yet to be exploited Mangrove forests, tropical jungles, lush green natural parks and coffee …

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The Pomeir Caves Anthropological Reserve is a series of 55 limestone caves located 7km to the north of Sant Cristobal. Due to the variety of cave paintings and secrets hidden deep …

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As you know, we like to combine the relaxing holiday, sun and beach with cultural and leisure plans. Thus, we suggest you discover the first cathedral and the first castle …

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One of the closest beach resorts to the capital Santo Domingo, Boca Chica is also one of the liveliest. Originally a fishing village the town has evolved to be a …

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When you stay at the BelleVue Dominican Bay you are perfectly positioned to enjoy all that the area has to offer. From diving to golfing, fishing to site seeing and …

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Looking to stay in a tropical paradise away from all the stresses and strains of everyday life? Then look no further than the Bellevue Dominican Bay Hotel. Located just steps …

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If you are one of those lucky people who are taking a vacation, you have surely thought: “How do I pack my luggage?” We are going to help you with …

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As every year, the season for whale watching in Samaná Bay, ends in the middle of March. More than 40,000 tourists come each year in small boats to approach the …

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Santo Domingo is recognized internationally for the festive atmosphere that prevails in its streets, squares and in each corner. The ultimate expression of this spirit is during Carnival holiday. It …

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In the eastern part of Santo Domingo you will find one of the most beautiful natural beauties of the Dominican Republic, the Natural Park Los Tres Ojos – The Three …

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