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Dubai cityscape downtown

The setting of the sun allows us to discover a magical Dubai brimming with lights, contrasts and colours. When the sun goes down, the capital of the Emirate of Dubai transforms into an entirely different city, leaving visitors even more awestruck Its iconic futuristic silhouette is enhanced by the majestic illumination of the city’s streets and buildings. Neon lights adorn …

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With stunning natural beauty, ultra-modern skyscrapers and architectural wonders, Dubai is one of the most photographed places in the world. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) city is teeming with fantastic …

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New Year fireworks display in Dubai

If you’re looking for an original way to spend the holidays and discover a new destination at the same time, the UAE capital is the answer Dubai, United Arab Emirates …

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One of Dubai’s greatest allures is its beaches. The Persian Gulf’s crystal clear waters are always a focal point when visiting the emirate. Although many of the coast’s beaches are …

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Dubai has become a global reference when it comes to absolute luxury. It’s where the whole world wants to visit, the city of the future and one of the fastest …

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From skyscrapers to the desert, the souks… and indoor skiing! Discover the very best of Dubai in just ten snippets. Glamorous, modern and a place you must visit at least …

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Christmas Tree in Dubai with Burj Al Arab

More famous for its sand dunes then its ski slopes, Dubai might not be the first Christmas holiday destination to spring to mind. But Dubai is actually bursting with festive …

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dubai cars

Dubai may be the only city in the world where the abandonment of luxury and high end cars has become a problem for local authorities. There are cities that have …

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ramadan dubai market

With the arrival of Ramadan, Dubai celebrates once again its Ramadan Night Market that comes to the city; this year bigger, better and with more offers. With products from all …

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Dubai World cup 02

The world of racing is exciting and full of challenges. But if the typical competition we add the sumptuousness of the facilities and the elite that come to see the …

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