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Discover the most interesting and popular destinations in the world, explore unknown roads, visit the highest-quality and most original restaurants and the most exclusive beaches, try the most innovative beauty treatments…
On this blog we offer you a comprehensive catalogue of ideas to help you choose your next holiday destination.
Besides, if you fall in love with any of these places, you will always have the option to stay at one of the hotels offered by the BlueBay Hotels portfolio.



When you think of the Dominican Republic, you are likely to think of its idyllic beaches with crystal clear waters framed by rows of coconut palm trees. Lovers of natural tourism, however, will view this Caribbean destination from a different perspective: a perfect spot for ecotourism, yet to be exploited Mangrove forests, tropical jungles, lush green natural parks and coffee …

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The Caribbean is light, music, water, wind, heat and a sky always blue. It is therefore the ideal place for water sports, in the case of one of its new …

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Nicho 304

The largest island of the Antilles, tourist destination in the Caribbean region, has a strong commitment to diversity to meet the growing demand of tourists who come each year to …

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If you are of those who love diving, imagine for a moment to immerse yourself in an area with clear water, where colorful fish come and go in the middle …

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Yumuri Valley

Cuba is the island of landscapes of mountains, valleys and beautiful bays. This is the case in the province of Matanzas, one of the most beautiful natural environments in the …

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