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Discover the most interesting and popular destinations in the world, explore unknown roads, visit the highest-quality and most original restaurants and the most exclusive beaches, try the most innovative beauty treatments…
On this blog we offer you a comprehensive catalogue of ideas to help you choose your next holiday destination.
Besides, if you fall in love with any of these places, you will always have the option to stay at one of the hotels offered by the BlueBay Hotels portfolio.



With stunning natural beauty, ultra-modern skyscrapers and architectural wonders, Dubai is one of the most photographed places in the world. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) city is teeming with fantastic locations to take amazing, unique and perfect shots to post on your Instagram account Technology has changed the way we travel, and now, most of us love to share our …

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If you love spending Christmas with your family and visiting new places over the Christmas holiday season, Mexico is the ideal place for this year, especially the Riviera Maya. Here, …

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Donkey on Isla del Sol by Lake Titicaca - Bolivia

All the natural sceneries of Latin America are at your disposal if you choose Bolivia as your next tourist destination: salt flats, volcanoes, Amazon jungle, high plateau, deserts…  Culture and …

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Twenty-five works of art from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum collection can now also enjoyed the taste buds thanks to the creativity of twenty-five chefs, including Quique Dacosta and Paco Torreblanca, who have chosen …

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bluediamond luxury boutique hotel riviera maya instagramers

If there’s one thing that we’re sure about when it comes to social networks, it’s that aside from keeping us connected with friends and acquaintances, they also set the beat …

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