The caves of Genova: a natural treasure in the depths of Palma

Only 5 minutes from the centre of the Balearic capital, the Caves of Genova offer unforgettable images and the opportunity to complement the visit with a culinary experience at the typical Mallorcan restaurant which sits above the caves

Several underground interconnecting galleries extend for over a kilometre in length and reach depths of 36 metres under the earth. The caves of outstanding beauty provide visitors with an impressive spectrum of mineral colours that inhabit the walls of the caves and the original formations built up over the years. The Caves of Genova are a jewel of nature with an exceptional geological heritage located just a few minutes from the centre of Palma and make for a wonderful side-attraction as they’re so close to the city centre of the Balearic capital.

Located in the residential neighbourhood of Génova, the underground cave was discovered by chance in 1906 during the construction of a well for private use. None of the workers digging the well never imagined they would find a fascinating natural legacy carved in stone, drop by drop, for many centuries. Inside the cave, visitor can find pools, domes and other impressive structures.

Stalactites, stalagmites and curious formations called coralloid speleothems, something rare and hard to find (these formations are also known as popcorn or cauliflower), appear between lights and shadows to offer visitors an eclectic spectacle of shapes and colours. These caves also have enormous natural irrigation of constant freshwater, which keeps them humid throughout the year, making them different from the rest of Mallorca.

A unique attraction combining nature and traditional local dishes

With the aim of not missing out on any detail of the route and to be extremely careful, guided visits of the cave are made in small groups with a maximum of 25 people to create a fun and educational tour, and explain everything related to the discovery of the cave, its geological formation, extravagant forms and shapes, and other relevant information.

To complement the visit to caves, which take place in the morning and afternoon, visitors also have the option of trying the Mediterranean menu at the restaurant which sits just above the caves. It specialises in meat dishes, grilled fish, tapas and typical Mallorcan cuisine. The restaurant also has special offers at very attractive prices, with the ticket to the caves included if you reserve lunch or dinner.

Perhaps it’s because of this human instinct, preserved since times gone by that people are so attracted to go deep into caves and recesses excavated underground. And if we add the immense beauty created by the erosion of water and air over time to this attraction – a visit to these caves becomes a ‘must’. An entirely different option, just a stone’s throw from the centre of Palma, that invites visitors to discover the secrets of this geological marvel and pleasure their taste buds with an unforgettable culinary experience.

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