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Sometimes you’ll find a hotel that blends perfectly with the place and moment. An establishment that is able to perfectly capture the idiosyncrasy and spirit of the city streets or natural environment. Places where, with a minimum of effort, you can become deeply familiar with the location you’ve chosen for your holiday. These are hotels with a corner, detail, or even scent that makes them an essential part of your destination experience.

A stroll around an Andalusian town

Is there anything more authentic than the old quarter of an Andalusian town like Marbella? Narrow cobbled streets and flowerpots hanging from walls, all flanked by ancient gleaming whitewashed houses. Exploring the streets is an adventure, one that might end on the famous Plaza de los Naranjos.


You’ll find this almost exactly mirrored in the Hotel BlueBay Banus****, built to perfectly mimic Marbella’s old quarter. What’s more, if you visit the hotel, you’ll find a plaza full of orange trees with the very same tiling and wooden benches. There’s even a typical Andalusian hermitage! You’ll enjoy the same smells and light that you would in the iconic centre of Marbella, without even leaving the hotel.

A green space in the heart of the city

A similar example is Jardín del Hotel Miguel Angel by BlueBay*****, on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid. This hotel garden covers more than 1000m2 and will remind you of one of Madrid’s most idyllic spots – the emblematic Retiro Park.


The park is the capital’s main lung, spanning 125 hectares with more than 15,000 trees. Among them is a well-known Bald Cypress which, at 400 years old, is considered the oldest tree in the city.

The colour of Gaudí’s works

In Spain’s other urban jewel, Barcelona, you’ll feel equally awed by staying at the Reding Croma by BlueBay***, located adjacent to Plaza Catalunya and the Ramblas. It’s a boutique hotel that’s taken colour as the central motif in its personality.


Without even leaving, you’ll be transported to Barcelona’s classic, colourful sights, like Parque Guell, or Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia, where light streams through the church’s brightly-coloured stained glass windows.

Lose yourself in the medina

If there is one hotel capable of capturing the essence of a whole city within its walls, it’s the Villa de France by BlueBay***** in Tangier.

The hotel played a decisive role in the history of the city and will make you feel like you’re wandering the very streets of the medina. Striking colonial architecture with a touch of Andalusia that manages to enchant any traveller inside its walls.

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