Estepona, the great unknown

Perhaps because of its proximity to the famous city of Marbella, Estepona has not received all the recognition it deserves in recent years.

Rerouting traffic, creating parking spaces and its ongoing expansion with modern housing developments and top-class infrastructure have all led to improving the city’s image as a desirable holiday destination 365 days of the year, complementing sunshine and beaches with urban tourism.

Estepona is located just a few kilometres from one of the most internationally renowned marinas, Puerto Banús. A showcase for leisure and luxury that’s well worth a visit. If you decide to spend the night in the vicinity, we recommend staying at BlueBay Banús****. A charming hotel with Andalusian style décor, spectacular large gardens and a wide range of offers, including double rooms and family rooms with large rooms.


Cultural and leisure offer


Back in Estepona, there are some spots in the city that are more than worthy of a visit, one of these is undoubtedly the Route of Artistic Murals with over 30 works of art ranging from realistic to abstract, exhibited in spaces outside the town centre.

In the centre, you can visit the 18th-century church of Los Remedios which was originally a convent, and the welcoming Plaza de las Flores is a great place to enjoy a drink and some tapas. Casa de las Tejerinas, home to the Estepona Tourist Office and several art exhibitions, is also in the same plaza. Another notable building close by is La Torre del Reloj (The Clock Tower), which is simple in appearance, with a floor plan similar to a defensive tower.


At an archaeological level, we could point to the Restos de la Torre Romana, an octagonal room that corresponds to the crypt of a mausoleum built in the late fourth century AD and associated with the spread of Christianity.

You can also visit the Roman Tower on Calle Villa in the same neighbourhood.

The Seven Watchtowers distributed along the coast are also striking, six of them are from the Christian re-conquest period, and the other is of Moorish origin.


The Lighthouse of Punta Doncella, which has been operating since 1861, is also located in Estepona, and together with the Punta Almina in Ceuta emits luminous signals that help boats pass through the Strait of Gibraltar.


Among the private leisure options, we should mention Selwo Aventura, a theme park offering a fascinating African adventure in the very heart of Costa del Sol.


Regarding the new hotel infrastructure, the BlueBay Marbella Beach**** is due to open soon with 92 rooms just 150m from the beach.

The complex has suites, master suites and rooms with their own kitchen and a balcony or terrace, along with several separate rooms, according to their category. It will also have several swimming pools, one of them for children, and is ideally located for you to enjoy golf and water sports.


As you can see you’re sure to have lots of fun in Estepona and the surrounding areas along with a relaxing stay together with BlueBay Hotels.

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