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Mystery and magic…walled cities and whitewashed villages, crenellated towers, horizonless deserts, fabled mountain ranges, beautiful beaches and snow-capped mountains. A place of synonyms and antonyms. A noun always accompanied by a superlative. A place of logical contradictions and variances. This Morocco, the gateway to Africa that opens into overwhelming diversity. It’s no wonder that famous artists like the French painter Henri Matisse came here in search of the colour and light in a country that’s been dubbed “a paradise on Earth”.


Morocco is home to some of the most fascinating cities in the entire continent of Africa with the backdrop of a bright blue sea in stark contrast to the golden dunes of the Sahara and the High Atlas Mountains that can be found throughout the country. The light, the colour, the life in its streets and plazas invites visitors to follow the centuries-old footsteps of nomads and merchants to the imperial heart of cities such as Fez, following in their footsteps through the labyrinths of the Moroccan medinas that percolate warm aromas of musk. Vestiges that also guide us through aromas and flavours to the souks of places like the Red City of Marrakech. A trace of history that also hangs over the picturesque ports and the clickety-clack of the small boats in Essaouira


To enjoy Morocco is also to savour it on its panoramic terraces. Try a delicious dish of couscous and delight in the aromas some tea while your imagination plays with the blue and white cities that form cascades on their slopes and reflect the confluence of their cultures. Coasts decorated with blue painted walls and red tiled roofs, an oasis of tranquillity, which often share a certain air of an Andalusian village. Without ever letting go of its roots, Morocco looks to the future, with its impressive urban designs like Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier.

But there’s also another side to Morocco, wild and copper-coloured where the focus is on geography. A place far removed from the clamour of the medinas, the Moorish slippers, and the bazaars formed by the majestic mountains that separate two antagonistic worlds: the northern Mediterranean and the southern Sahara; the sea on one side and the seasonal snow on the other.


The High Atlas is the other Morocco, the highest mountain range in North Africa where time has stood still and the night skies and views over cloud banks are out of this world. This is the Morrocco of the Berbers and their simple and silent life – an oasis of purity and freshness. Immerse yourself in Morocco is to rest your dreams under a blanket of stars in a dessert. A magical and mysterious experience that is recognised between the lines of its differences… The Big Dipper and the Milky Way, a sky full of shooting stars full of dreams to return to a country where the Moroccan tam-tam tells stories of sultans and princesses.


Coexistence between the kasbahs with their adobe arches and other streets tinged with blue; green and fertile landscapes that brush against others silent and wild; oasis, palm trees and mud cities that close in on neighbouring ports that thrown their coloured net into the sea…

Morocco is a country of contrasts and orderly contradictions that fluctuate among the hospitality of its people. A gateway to a continent full of experience where everything removes any glimmer of presence to nothing.

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