Isla Blanca: the perfect beach in Riviera Maya for kiteboarding

Isla Blanca beach is the best spot in the Riviera Maya to practice kiteboarding or take classes. Immersed in a shallow seawater lagoon just 25 minutes from Cancún and an hour and a half from Playa del Carmen, Isla Blanca is an excellent spot for water sports, especially kiteboarding.

Isla Blanca is the perfect place to practice and learn kiteboarding because of the calm and shallow waters. If you have any difficulties or drift off, you can always walk back to the coast holding the kite in the air. Isla Blanca is located in a small peninsula with white sandy beaches and virgin forest, making it a secret, magical corner in the Mexican Caribbean that’s perfect for escaping from the hustle and bustle in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Thanks to its location, this large strip of sand is the ideal place for “North Winds”, which are on-shore, something that doesn’t occur very often in the rest of the Riviera Maya.

The best season for kiteboarding in Isla Blanca

The windy season in the Riviera Maya runs from November to June. The winds are consistent and vary from south to north. The so-called “Seasons of the Norths” is from November to April, when the winds are affected by the cold fronts coming from the United States and Canada. During this time of the year, the winds coming from the north are strong (10-30km/h) and generally cold. We recommend using a neoprene suit of 4/3mm or 5/3mm, so you won’t have to worry about the cold weather. As soon as the wind turns to the east and south-east, you won’t need a neoprene suit any longer as the temperatures start to rise. From April to May the wind is always warmer, with an average speed of 10-25km/h.

 How to get to Isla Blanca? Just follow these simple and easy directions.

If you go by car from Cancun

Take Bonampak Avenue going north, cross López Portillo Avenue and keep going straight. Continue along the same avenue until it ends at the entrance to Playa Mujeres. Here, you’ll see a roundabout, and you need to take the street that surrounds Playa Mujeres, the gardens and the golf course until you reach another roundabout, where you’ll see a sign for the new road to Isla Blanca. Continue along this road until it turns into a dirt road and keep going for a few more kilometres until you pass the entrance to Pirata Morgan. You’ll see the entrance to the lagoon on the left from there. If you want to go to the end of the lagoon to enjoy the best winds and water conditions, you should keep going along the dirt road until you have to parkyour car and then walk for a bit. It will be worth it, and the walk is very relaxing.

If you go by public transport from Cancun

There’s a minivan service in from of the Canto pharmacy on the crossing between Tulum Avenue and López Portillo Avenue that will take you to Isla Blanca. The vans also stop in front of the ferry that sails to Isla Mujeres. The van service only runs three times a day, so it’s best to plan your times well!

If you go from the airport 

The easiest way is to take an ADO bus from the airport to the centre of Cancun, and then take a taxi from there without any complications.

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