The Costa del Sol is not suffering the effects of Brexit

The Costa del Sol is a destination that will never go out of fashion. A warm climate almost all year-round, reasonable prices and a hard-to-beat selection of accommodation options have meant that – for yet another year – the outlook for August is very positive.

A reliable indicator is the number of seats on planes flying from various destinations to the Costa del Sol, which is due to increase by 3.5 per cent between now and August. This increase is similar to that set to be recorded by the most significant international outbound market, the United Kingdom, according to the latest report on Turismo Costa del Sol’s air capacity.


The study outlines how, besides the United Kingdom, more arrivals are expected at Malaga airport from other markets such as Ireland, Sweden, Spain and Holland.

The director general of Turismo Costa del Sol, Arturo Bernal, claims the report shows that “Brexit” has not affected outbound tourism to the Costa del Sol. In fact, the opposite is true, with the most significant quantitative increase being found in Great Britain, with a year-on-year increase of 73,477 plane passengers.

From the markets with over 100,000 arrivals, a significant increase is observed in the number of plane seats in flights from Ireland (+15.8%), Sweden (+15.5%), Italy (+5.5%), Spain (+4.8%) and Holland (+4.3%) over the coming months.

Regarding the increase in plane seats per airline, the report shows that the companies expected to increase their offer to Malaga airport between now and August are Norwegian Airlines (16.2%), with up to 533,974 seats; Ryanair (13.2%), (11%) and Lufthansa (9.7%).


The leading airline operating in Malaga airport, Ryanair, continues to attract more passengers, with a quantitative increase of over 175,000 seats compared to the same period in 2018. Meanwhile, some decreases are noted in the number of plane seats for the same period, with two examples being TUI Airways (-22.8%) and SAS (-2.4%).

Regarding the number of seats per city of origin, the most notable increases can be found from Paris Orly (46.4%), London Luton (30.4%), Dublin (17.3%), Stockholm (14.3%), Amsterdam (6.4%) and Helsinki (5.7%).


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