Nature and Tourism: the unstoppable growth of the Dominican Republic

An area of abundant natural resources, with vast possibilities for eco-tourism, adventure activities and beaches found only in your wildest dreams, combined with excellent connectivity, make this Caribbean country a pioneering and attractive destination for investors and tourism companies.

The Dominican Republic acquires increasing numbers of admirers every year, making it a country that is continually growing. The country, which is currently the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean, welcomed 6.2 million international tourists last year alone, registering an interannual growth until November 2018 of 6.2%.

The same applies to its cruise tourism industry, which is also in a state of constant growth. In 2017, cruise ships brought a record number of 546,444 tourists to its shores.

Spain: highly prominent

BelleVue Dominican Bay

For Spain, the strong idiomatic, cultural and historical connection, compounded by the positive commercial relationships and regular flight connections, make the Dominican Republic a highly attractive destination which presents many opportunities for investors. This means that the country finds itself in a state of constant growth in terms of the tourism industry. The sector currently represents between 60 and 70% of Spanish investment on the island, which is predicted to increase further in the years to come, having a positive impact on the country’s economy and touristic development.

In fact, in the words of Karyna Font-Bernard, director of the Dominican Republic Tourism Board for Spain and Portugal, “the Dominican Republic is the most popular long-distance destination for Spaniards”. This statement is supported by the recorded total of 173,065 Spanish tourists who travelled to the island in 2017.

A future leader in eco-tourism

Palm trees on the tropical beach

The Dominican Republic, however, offers much more than beautiful coastlines. Holiday goers often fail to look past the magnificent waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, that lap against the island’s beautiful shores, meaning they are unaware of the island’s green heart. Beyond its spectacular beaches, the Dominican Republic has more than enough natural resources to become a leading eco-tourism destination, with a wide range of options combining adventure activities and nature.

Swamps, lakes and sinkholes; coral reefs and marine sanctuaries; dry forests and mountain ranges. These are just some of the various options offered by its rich landscape to lovers of green tourism.

The diversity of the Dominican Republic’s eco-system means it is brimming with natural assets, which remain largely unknown by mass tourism.

With 128 protected natural areas – including 15 nature reserves, 32 national parks and other unique locations such as the Hoyo Azul sinkhole, Los Haitises national park in Samaná Bay, the Padre Nuestro trail through the heart of a tropical forest and the Ébano Verde Scientific Reserve, with its crystal-clear water – the country aims to diversify its tourism in the coming years.

FITUR 2019 partner country

It is for this reason that the Dominican Republic will have a prominent role in FITUR 2019 over the coming editions, with the next International Tourism Fair set to include the Dominican Republic as a partner country.

The Dominican Republic’s participation as a FITUR partner country opens a broad range of potential joint-action activities in the areas of promotion and communication, key fields of this landmark event of the tourism industry, which will be organised by IFEMA and held from 23 to 27 January 2019 in the Feria de Madrid.

BlueBay in the Dominican Republic

BlueBay Grand Punta Cana

While BlueBay already had 2 attractive accommodation options in the form of BlueBay Villas Doradas**** and BelleVue Dominican Bay***, located in Puerto Plata and Boca Chica respectively, in 2018 it added one of its most attractive options to its extensive range of hotel offerings for this important destination, in one of its most in-demand locations. BlueBay Grand Punta Cana***** offers a family-friendly beach resort with 156 fully-furnished suites, in a complex with a vast range of services aimed at people of all ages to ensure that the holiday of their dreams is made a reality.

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