The resort in Riviera Maya where all the influencers want to go

If there’s one thing that we’re sure about when it comes to social networks, it’s that aside from keeping us connected with friends and acquaintances, they also set the beat for all manner of current trends. Whether it’s with celebrities or not so famous individuals, but with thousands of followers, we can see in the blink of an eye what they’re wearing or not wearing and what’s in and what’s not. This happens in much the same way for other aspects of our life like appearance, information, food, and also tourism.

Many places around the world were previously relatively unknown and today are attracting more visitors on a regular basis after seeing photos or videos uploaded by some of our favourite “profiles” in those locations. And now those of us who often thought of a destination as being “far away” or “lost” before are changing our mind and seeing it as a more desirable option.

Nowadays, thanks in part to social media, those hidden places are not so hidden any longer and are seen as easily accessible. Similarly, we’re also realising that those places we previously identified as being geared towards a certain public can now be enjoyed by many other types of visitors. In this regard, social networks have helped to bring more people closer to these privileged locations.

This is what has happened with the Caribbean and Riviera Maya, a corner of the world that was previously thought to be almost exclusively for newlyweds or for a romantic getaway, now we’re seeing that it’s a whole lot more than that with fun, excursions, sports, nature and culture all on offer. Today, the Riviera Maya has a massive number of posts on social media from thousands of influencers. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Let’s start in Playa del Carmen, with the case of Georgia Love, Australian TV presenter and personality with more than 200k followers on Instagram, who we saw in Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo last summer.  This is just for starters, but what about stylish hotels?

Playa del Carmen

Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel

The same thing naturally happens with many accommodation options. Many places were once seen as exclusively aimed at a more affluent clientele, but now that influencers are giving them the stamp of approval, we can see that they’re definitely all the rage but also that they’re much more within our reach than we thought before.

One such example is the Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel, which is repeatedly visited by actresses, TV personalities, models, fashion artists, bloggers and many other individuals on social networks whose profiles reach tens of thousands of followers.

We can see this by following some beauties on Instagram like the German actress and model, Sara Datsjani, who shared some pics of the golden sandy beach in the heart of Playa del Carmen with her more than 450k followers.


Another model, makeup artist and creator of her own beauty line is Ewa Staniszewska with 450k followers. Ewa shows us her holidays at Blue Diamond with a short video and tells us it was her best holiday ever.


For their part, the models Yeli and Lacey Bollinger with 89.3k and 39k followers respectively, pose together between the lush vegetation and on a sun lounger at Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel to show us to see the different settings at this magnificent hotel.

lacey1 Yeli1

It’s not only girls who come to Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel, we can also see Lee Elliot, Georgia Love’s partner, who is also an Australian actor, sharing his most intimate moment surrounded by nature in this fantastic part of the Caribbean.


Sportsmen are not far behind either, two well-known Spanish football players, Adrián Ortolá, who plays for Deportivo de la Coruña, and Kiko Femenía from Watford FC, with 49,6k and 16,2k respectively, also spent their holidays at Blue Diamond a few months ago and showed us how much they enjoyed these relaxing baths in their private pools.

adrianortola kiko_BlueDiamond

But there’s no getting away from the fact that the Caribbean continues to be a place for beautiful, unforgettable weddings, and Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel has a thousand and one charming spots to commemorate them and capture those magical moments as we’ve seen from the many artists and companies specialising in celebrations that are also hugely popular on social networks. Brooke Boyd Photo + Film with more than 30k followers and Madison Hope & Company, with about 21.5k followers, are just two examples that live up to the billing.


And now after seeing all these influencers, we’re sure you’re longing to come to this fantastic resort and share your memories with everyone on your social networks. We’ll be waiting to see you with open arms!

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