Dominican Republic, a paradise to discover with the family

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful holiday destination with a wide array of activities for all the family to enjoy. A country that offer the possibility to enjoy the Caribbean with activities and entertainment programmes specially designed for children.

Punta Cana: family resorts and leisure parks

Punta Cana is located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic with plenty of beautiful beaches and a wide range of resorts, most of which have kids’ clubs. You’ll have no problem finding hotels focused on family tourism in this part of the country, and the younger kids can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Puerto Plata: encounters with the ocean

Puerto Plata, in the north of the country, also offers plenty of great attractions to keep the children amused, one of the favourites is Ocean World Adventure Park, a leisure complex which gives kids (and adults) the possibility to spend some time in close contact with dolphins, sea lions and sharks. It’s even possible to swim with some of these impressive creatures.

Santo Domingo: gardens, museums and much to learn

The Dominican capital is also a great destination for anyone travelling with children. Peképolis is just one of the many attractions in Santo Domingo. This theme park is unusual in the fact that children play at being adults in a made to measure “city” for kids. They get to choose, for example, which job they want: pizza chefs, shelf stockers or cashiers in the supermarket, lab scientists… Peképolis is located in the Silver sun Gallery shopping centre and is one of the city’s top options for some family entertainment/leisure (time) as it also has an entertainment offer for the parents to enjoy while the kids are at “work”.

Aquamundo is huge aquarium covering 1600m2 in the Sambil Santo Domingo shopping centre. It features 72 different exhibits/exhibitions, motivational talks to raise awareness about the conservation of the seabed, and also organises camps and visits related to the same subject matter/theme, so children can know/discover/experience the species that inhabit the ocean first hand/directly.

The National Botanical Garden should also be high on your list of things to do with the family. A stroll through this huge park in the centre of Santo Domingo, the capital’s green lung, offers the possibility to discover all the country’s native plants. Although if you’re looking for a more in-depth educational experience, you should visit the Natural History Museum, where you’ll discover many interesting facts about the animal and plant worlds and the cosmos.

And to complete the family trip, what better than a visit to the National Zoo, the children will love having the chance to see all the animals they love, including iguanas, hutias and even American crocodiles. The zoo also happens to be one of the largest in all of Latin America.

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