Discover Colombia’s Coffee region

Discover the coffee route through the Colombian municipalities that will take you through mountains, pumpwood trees, banana plantations, sandy bogs and guaiacums.

Colombia is an Andean country that’s home to some of the finest coffee in the world, a place all travellers dream of visiting to become an expert coffee taster.

This will be a leisurely trip where you’ll get to enjoy nature and the best coffee in the world. A journey filled with cultural experiences, traditions and incredible scenery.

The coffee route is in the western central region of the country, crossed by the Andes. The are three departments in the area: Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío, and the main cities are Armenia, Pereira and Manizales. These three urban centres are part of the 62 that make up the Colombian Coffee Region (Eje Cafetero), which is famous for producing the majority of Colombian coffee that’s exported all over the world.

We recommend starting your tour of the Eje Cafetero in the city of Armenia, the capital of Quindío, to explore the city’s downtown area. We begin with Plaza Bolívar, then stroll down Carrera 14 before heading to the Park of Life (Parque de la Vida) and then on to visit the old train station and see its famous murals. Our last cultural visit of the day is to the Quimbaya Gold Museum, and then it’s back to get some well-deserved rest at the Hotel Portal del Norte by BlueBay****.

Travelling in this area is relatively easy, moving from one place to the next usually takes less than an hour as the cities, towns and villages are all connected by road, and you’ll have plenty of fun, discover lots of things to see and do and keep yourself happily entertained.

As you travel along this route, you can’t help but admire the picturesque forests, coffee plantations, and beautiful hot springs and waterfalls, all surrounded by lush green vegetation.

Once you’re there, stroll through the Botanical Garden, visit the Quimbaya Gold Museum and spend a few hours in Arrieros, Panaca and National Coffee theme parks.

And when it comes to food, you have to try the Armenian chorizo at Borodino Carnicería, a typical dish in the region and not to be missed.

This route is not only for coffee lovers but also for anyone who likes to discover new things!

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