Luxembourg’s must-visits

We’ve compiled the most attractive places to visit in the European capital during a 24-hour stay in the city.

Getting a general idea of the space and environment that surrounds us is an essential part of planning a good tourist itinerary. So, the first thing you should do after arriving in Luxembourg is to head to the Chemin de la Corniche to enjoy the spectacular views of the lower part of the city. This is the perfect place to take some panoramic photos as you’ll be able to clearly see the dome of St. John’s Church above the rest of the slate roofs. Make sure to take your time and enjoy it as the views are spellbinding.

After this, we suggest visiting the Grund quarter, located on the banks of the Alzette River. This is definitely the most picturesque area in the city. An absolute veritable Instagrammer’s heaven. The popular Rue Münster is also located in this area and home to the city’s best bars and restaurants. It’s also important to note that there are several free elevators to take you to the different levels of the city. You’ll miss out on some of the more charming streets, but you’ll save a lot of time when getting across the city.

The Bock and Pétrusse Casemates are two must-visits for any tourist visiting Luxembourg. These are a series of small military galleries, full of mystery and charm, excavated in the rock. The casemates were built in the 17th century and bore witness to the city’s main historical changes, which gave rise to the city’s nickname: the “Gibraltar of the North”. Some of these galleries went on to be used as a shelter during the First and Second World War and were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites some years ago. Two top tourist attractions not to be missed.

Next stop is another of the city’s most impressive buildings, the Ducal Palace is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, but you’ll need to go in July or August as it can only be visited during the summer months. However, from the outside, both the two 16th century towers and the building annex, the Chamber of Deputies are worth a visit. Another place of interest is the Cathedral of Luxembourg, known to the locals as Notre-Dame. A great example of late Gothic architecture dating from the 17th century.

Focusing on the upper part of the city, we recommend a stroll through Place d’Armes and then continuing on to Place Guillaume II, where you’ll find the City Hall and the Tourist Office. Place de la Constitution is also another beautiful spot and a great place to enjoy a cocktail in one of the many lively bars after a day of traipsing the city from top to bottom.

If you still have some spring in your step you could try a few more walks, one of is along the Pétrusse Valley and the other is the Wenzel Circular Walk, where you can see strategic points of the old fortified city such as the Rahn Plateau, the Jacob Tower, the Bridge of the Castle and the impressive “Maierchen” defensive bridge.

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