Banús Gourmet Route, a tasty tour of the best restaurants in Puerto Banús.

Marbella is one of the most glamorous and stylish places in Spain, but within the city itself is an even more distinctive area that’s known for its character and the type of visitors it receives. We’re obviously talking about Puerto Banús, an area renowned for luxury and exclusivity where you’ll find top brands and luxury services. But, aside from its shopping area and the unique marina, you can discover different restaurants, including BlueBay Gourmet, which is strongly represented with its selection of bars, restaurants and terraces. Taste buds alert!
We’re going to take a brief look at what the delightful Gourmet Route has to offer and discover and enjoy a wide range of eateries to choose from in Puerto Banús, all of them with different dishes and characters. Taste buds alert!

Ruta Gourmet Aretusa
A1 Aretusa, Carpaccio and L’Ulivo are all located in front of the marina in Puerto Banús.

A1 Aretusa
Offers first class international food, where you can taste and feel all of Marbella’s style and glamour. A1 Aretusa has 3 large floors of dining areas, making it ideal for special celebrations, and it also has a private room for meals and meetings accommodating between 12 and 60 people. This trendy Marbella meeting point gets even livelier in the evening.

A restaurant with a long history in serving the finest food in Marbella invites you to visit the classic trattoria and discover traditional old-style Italian cuisine. It serves dishes from its stone oven with a wide range of Italian style seafood, meat and fish dishes on offer. Let yourself go and feel like you’re eating again for real.

Although the sign says, “pizza and pasta”, and they’re all handmade, L’Ulivo offers a whole lot more. It enacts an olive oil experience and the flavour of Mediterranean cuisine with its intimate, cosy atmosphere and stunning views of the port.

Among the terraces and open spaces, you’ll discover 2 outstanding establishments: Bamboo Beach Club & Moma.


Bamboo Beach Club
This spacious beachfront terrace is your dream spot if you’re looking for a casual, relaxed beach setting. Kick back and relax, order from your hammock on the beach, and discover incredibly tasty dishes like their delicious paella and ‘espeto’ sardines, which are a unique Malaga speciality.

Moma Food&People
This 1000m2 venue with 6 spaces and a terrace invites you to enjoy life and meet up with friends and family, offering you a tasty and different bite and different atmosphere for every gastro moment, whether its tapas or à la carte dishes. A unique space serving Mediterranean cuisine and a menu with deliciously refreshing dishes that’s complemented by its exclusive Moma cocktail lounge. Ideal at any time of the day or night.

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