This summer fashion trends

Summer has crept up on us, and you’ve hardly had time to notice. Now‘s the time for terraces and sunshine, and your wardrobe needs a facelift. But don’t despair, we’ve prepared a list of what’s ‘IN’ this summer, so all you have to do is get ready to enjoy the long hot sunny days!

1-      Polka-dots

You may have noticed that small, medium and large polka-dots are all the rage and invading t-shirts, jumpsuits, swimsuits and even pants this year. Get your hands on a polka-dot outfit, and you’re sure to be up to the minute this summer!


2-      Denim forever

Great news: denim never goes out of fashion. Resurrect those shorts for another year and match them up with a t-shirt or go for the ‘total denim’ look by combining them with a denim jacket. Remember, more is more.


3-      Violet colours

Pink tones are giving way to intense violets that are dominating all clothes, even bikinis. Take a chance and match them with orange colours to stand out from the crowd.


4-      Bumbags

Yep, bumbags, belt bags, fanny packs or whatever you want to call them are officially “in” once again. The 90s fashion accessory is back with a more elegant and stylish twist this year, now let’s see if they are here to stay this time around.


5-      Pinafores

A ‘must’ for your wardrobe this summer. Comfortable, easy to match and they look great with both trainers and sandals. What more could you ask for?


6-      Boat neck bikinis

This year everyone’s wearing boat neck bikinis. They look great, highlight your shoulders and flatter your figure.


7-      Ibizan dresses

Long or short, this is another classic that never goes out of style. The Balearic look is in vogue again this summer so pull that dress out of your wardrobe as it’s never going out of date.

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