5 recommendations for visiting Barcelona and not standing out like a foreign tourist

1. Leave your map in your hotel room

Forget about your map and discover the true Barcelona that is much more than Las Ramblas, Plaza de Catalunya or Sagrada Familia. Wander around and try to find places by foot but taking the longer route to get there. You’re sure to discover a new and different city.


2. Don’t think Gaudí is just Sagrada Familia or Parc Güell

Antoni Gaudí was more than the architect of Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell and Casa Batlló. You can also discover lesser-known works like the street lamps in Plaza Reial, Las Salesas Church and the Santa Teresa School.

And if you have access to a car during your trip you could also visit the church in Colonia Güell, or another must is Bodegas Güell.

Balconies in Barcelona

3. Gracia neighbourhood

A stroll around Gracia’s quaint streets is always recommended, and when you need a rest, you can stop off at any of the small quiet squares for a bite to eat or a drink and recharge your batteries before moving on. The neighbourhood has a cosmopolitan-bohemian feel to it and several old country houses can still be spotted in the neighbourhood.

It’s a great place to set up a base is you’re planning on staying in Barcelona for a relatively long time.


4. Tibidabo with kids

Although it’s quite well known, there’s no doubting it’s a great park if you’re visiting Barcelona with kids and looking to spend the day out surrounded by rides and attractions and fantastic views of the city. Make sure to take a spin on the mythical carousel or the plane ride, they’re not on a par with the roller coaster when it comes to adrenaline, but they do have a distinctive old world charm. Taking the funicular up to the park adds an extra special touch to the trip, and a visit to the Sagrat Cor church is also recommended before heading back down to the city centre.


5. Eat where the locals always go

If you want to avoid the paellas or typical dishes in the bars around Las Ramblas and run-of-the-mill fast food restaurants, then the best thing to do is make your way towards one of those places where the locals eat, but never stop to check the menu as they walk in the door.

The sandwiches in Quimet d’Horta in the Horta neighbourhood are excellent. You could also have vermouth in Bar Versalles in the Sant Andreu neighbourhood or check out some of the trendier restaurants that are recommended by @bypetites and @top_barcelona_restaurants on Instagram.

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