5 Caribbean Dishes to Add to Your Bucket List

We love the Caribbean, and we’re sure you do too. It’s not just the clear blue waters, white sand, perfect climate and even more perfect people either; the Caribbean is a food lover’s paradise. Whether you like the spiciness of jerk chicken, the fresh taste of ceviche, or the richness of a pepperpot, there’s sure to be something for you. To help you out, here are 5 Caribbean dishes you simply must try on your holiday.



This is popular across the whole Caribbean and is varies so much that perhaps no two pots will be the same. However, aubergine, potatoes, butternut squash, onions, tomatoes, peppers are nearly always included. Beef is probably the most common meat but you may also find chicken, goat, dumplings or seafood. It’s a truly stunning, yet traditional, Caribbean meal and, like many others, can vary from very mild to very spicy.



This vegetable dish is most famous in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago. It was originally brought over by West African slaves and consists of leafy greens (often from the Callaloo bush) stewed with spinach, peppers, coconut milk, okra and other ingredients. Meat versions are often also available.



Yes, we know we’re not in Spain but the history of the Caribbean has meant many different cultures have had their input. Arguably the best example of this is Spain’s national dish, but with a Caribbean twist.


It’s cooked in a similar way to the European version but with local ingredients. This can mean you’ll find chilli, coriander, sweet potato, beans and frankly, almost anything else in there. While vegetarian and even vegan versions are available, it seems a shame not to make the most of the Caribbean’s excellent seafood in this one. This is available anywhere but there are some excellent restaurants in Mexico, especially in Riviera Maya.


Jerk Chicken


We couldn’t leave this out; it’s probably the Caribbean’s most famous dish. While jerk spice is used in many dishes and on many meats, the combination of chicken, white rice, peas and plantain is arguably the best. Allspice and Scotch Bonnet peppers form the basis of the spice which is then either dry or wet rubbed onto meats which are afterwards marinated and grilled.

Like with most Caribbean foods, there are countless different takes on it some are incredibly spicy, while others will be comparatively mild. It’s available everywhere, but Jamaica is the spiritual heartland of Jerk.


Cuban Sandwich

This is a traditional working class labourer’s lunch that’s from (no surprises!) Cuba but has spread throughout the Caribbean, Central America and the southern USA. In its original form, it consists of layers of ham, roast pork, mild cheese, dill pickle and vinegar mustard, all sandwiched between crusty white bread.


It’s available either cold or toasted and frankly, we can recommend both!


So there you have it, we’ve rundown five of our best Caribbean foods that you must try on your next holiday. We have several hotels in the Caribbean including Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Panama, waiting for you to check them out.

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