Interview to Charlotte Simons from Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders

BlueBay Hotels: First, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved in Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders?

Charlotte Simons: I have been involved as the cheer director for 22 years. I cheered myself for 12 seasons including two Super Bowl games.

BH: Before joining, did you know anyone else on the team? If not have you made some good friends?

CS: Most girls know possibly one or two Gals before they tryout!  Not always but usually. They become fast friends, and when they get married, each of them always have a few of their cheerleader friends in their weddings!

BH: Give me details about your day-to-day life?

CS: Day to day life!  Most everyone has professional jobs or finishing college. There are teachers, sales professionals, nurses, law school student, designers!  Many different professions. We have one cheerleader working on her “doctorate”!  We finish our work day, and head to practice 2 nights a week most of the season, but 3 times a week in the summer!  Rookies practice an extra day for the month of June!

BH: Describe the atmosphere on game day as someone who is at field level.

CS: As a field level spectator, you are overwhelmed with excitement. It is an exhilarating experience. You feel the energy of the crowd, emotions of the players, and embrace the cheerleaders as they cheer on the best team in the NFL.

BH: While specific necessary skills vary from team to team based on the team’s status what are the “must have” skills that you think every cheerleading should have before try out day?

CS: The necessary skills are solid dance technique, dance group experience, glamour, fitness, and overall showmanship!  It’s important that they have a beautiful smile and personality!!

BH: As a Director of Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders, what are some of the qualities you like to see in your squad? Are there things you’re willing to work with?

CS: Qualities in a squad that are important to me are team “not me” attitudes. People that are respectful to their cheer sisters, and who honor the program. Ladies who are morally strong, and make good decisions because they are now part of an elite group in the NFL, and we want them to represent the team in the highest regard!

BH: As a cheer team what role do you play in helping rookies become comfortable on the team? 

CS: While working with rookies, it is important to build their confidence while helping them understand the significance of a cheerleader’s role within an NFL organization. Cheerleaders serve as ambassadors for the organization.

BH: What kind of characteristics does someone need to be a good cheerleader?

CS: A good cheerleader needs to be flexible, courteous, and have a beautiful heart inside and out!

BH: Do you have any tips for girls who don’t make the squad? What can they do to make the squad next year?

CS: Our suggestions for those who tryout and don’t make it–never give up your dream, try again next year. The first year is toughest to make. We suggest that they stay active in dance classes, and keep a strong fitness regime. Keep trying!  Keep smiling!

BH: What would you say are the three most important things to try to convey your spirit during their try outs?

CS: During tryouts we emphasize that it is important to:

A.  Listen well and align yourself with those on the squad who are strong in dance, skill sets, fitness!

B. Be patient, and take criticism positively.

C. Worry about yourself, your abilities only. Do not compare yourself to others, focus on what you need to do!

BH: What’s something most people probably don’t realize about cheerleading?

CS: Most don’t realize cheerleading is an extra curricular activity by choice, and that these ladies are in demanding, interesting professions outside of practicing twice a week, events, and charity appearances.

BH: What was the highlight of the 2016 season for you personally?

CS: Highlights of the 2015 season, cheering at the games, shooting the calendar in Mexico, and for Tina, it was going to Pro Bowl. As the director, it was hearing that in 2016 we would be playing a game in London and all cheerleaders would be going!

cincinatti bengals cheerleaders

BH: Have you ever been to Riviera Maya before? What do you like the most? 

CS: We were in Riviera Maya last year for the shoot!  We love the hospitality, and the beautiful atmosphere and natural beauty!

BH: Why you choose BlueBay Hotels for your next Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders calendar?

CS: We love BlueBay for the amazing property and multiple photo shoot opportunities. We also heard the staff was sweet, accommodating, and willing to help in our adventure!

BH: Where can members get their hands on a copy of the upcoming Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders calendar 2016-2017?

CS: Members can get a copy of the calendar through the resort. I will send some comp ones to the hotel and the staff who took care of us. Then if more people like, they can contact me, for a copy Char1cheer(@)

BH: What is your favorite spot at Blue Diamond Riviera Maya and BlueBay Grand Esmeralda?

CS: Our favorite spot is especially the spa at BlueBay. However, we love the whole grounds at both resorts with their natural beauty!  We also think the food is great here, and better than other inclusive a!  We love the environment.

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