Basic Tips for traveling to Morocco

Morocco is the neighboring country of Spain par excellence, only 14 kilometers separate the European continent from Africa in a strait where Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet. So far but so close, the adventure of crossing this small puddle is an opportunity that should not be overlooked. The amazing feeling of not only traveling in space (which is minimal), but, actually, taking a trip back in time.

Morocco is a country with endless possibilities, from a romantic getaway in a riad, in the style of One Thousand and One Nights, an adventure on camelback through the Sahara desert, enjoying a weekend in Tangier, its most international and cosmopolitan city, to the possibility of kitesurfing in Essaouira, one of the spots of the planet with the best sailing conditions for this sport. So, if among your next destinations you are considering the possibility of knowing the land of Cous Cous and spices, let us give you some tips to organize your adventure in North Africa:


Boat: Morocco can be reached by boat from the south of Spain. You can exit from the port of Tarifa or from the port of Algeciras. The journey from Tarifa is much shorter, taking less than an hour, but the boats are smaller and if weather conditions do not permit it, crossings get suspended. Meanwhile, the boats leaving from Algeciras are larger and therefore slower, but usually guarantee the departure despite the bad weather.

Plane: You can also go to Morocco by plane. There are many possible combinations of flights, airlines and airports, depending on where you want to travel. The low cost airlines operating from Europe generally include Marrakech as destination.


People with the European community passports do not need a visa to enter Morocco for a stay of three months.


Moroccan cuisine is highly varied and spicy. Exquisite, but if you are not used to it and do not want to have stomach problems, it is advisable not to try to try everything on the first day …


It is a habit in Morocco to tip for everything, when they help you with directions or take your bags, so make sure you always have coins.


In Morocco, they haggle about everything. The fixed price does not exist and everything is questionable and negotiable. So, the initial price is never true. When buying, take your time and try to get the best price because haggling is the national sport of Morocco.


Time stops in Morocco. We advise you to be patient at all times..


If you return by boat, make sure to check the weather that day in time. The strait suffers great ocean currents and sometimes departures are advanced or delayed due to weather conditions.

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