A Perfect Day on the Costa del Sol

At BlueBay Banus, we’re surrounded by some of Spain’s best scenery, attractions and restaurants, and while you’re sure to spend plenty of time lying back on the stunning beaches, and cracking golf balls into the crisp blue sky, that’s only scratching the surface of what the Costa del Sol has to offer.

To make it easier than ever before for you to discover the area’s best places to visit, and its top off-the-radar treats, we’ve teamed up with TripCubes to create a series of digital itineraries.

All you have to do is load up your favourite trip – through the smart-phone app – and you’ll instantly have access to great ideas for things to do, places to see and food to eat – right in your pocket!

Whether you’re looking to sit back and let us do all of the work for you, or whether you simply want a little inspiration to point you in the right direction, our itineraries are a great way to discover the Costa del Sol, and quickly feel at home here.

We’ll be publishing more itineraries over the coming weeks, but the first one is called ‘A Perfect Day on the Costa del Sol’. It’s designed to help you see that there’s a great deal more to this coastline than just the gorgeous beaches and stunning seas on which the Sunshine Coast has built its reputation.

The itinerary is available to download right away, so click here to be one of the first to take our exclusive guided tour.


We start by waking up nice and early, and jumping into the car en-route to Malaga. You may have touched down in this vibrant city on your way here, but if you didn’t stop to look around, you missed out on an up-and-coming city that’s bubbling with culture and art.

First, we wander through the narrow streets of the city centre, in search of the unfinished masterpiece of a cathedral. Then, we explore everything from Pablo Picasso’s mind-warping paintings, to imposing Moorish fortresses and blooming parks.

Fill up on some delicious tapas, courtesy of El Tapeo de Cervantes, before heading back up the coast to Marbella, where even more stunning art is waiting – this time sculpted by the surrealist supremo, Salvador Dalí. Spend some time on the city’s boomerangs of soft golden sand, before taking the stroll through Marbella’s charming Old Town, and breathing in the deep scent of oranges, which hangs enticingly in the air.

We end the day with a choice – spend big, for a sublime restaurant experience, or save your money and enjoy some of the city’s best tapas at a great price. You’ll be seeing Michelin stars if you take the first option, as you taste Skina’s knockout food. Great value is on offer at La Taberna del Pintxo, on the other hand, where you can enjoy some of Marbella’s most delicious, bite-sized finger foods, and pile up the cocktail sticks in an atmospheric tapas bar.

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