Mexico: The Essential Guide

Mexico – a country crammed full of architectural treasures and cultural customs. Take full advantage of everything this country has to offer by ensuring you are aware of the entry requirements and customs of this enchanting destination.

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When holidaying in Mexico you do not need a visa. Your passport has to be valid at least for the time of your journey, and ideally six months after. Children must also have their own passport; an entry in your passport is not enough. When entering the country you’ll get a document (FMT) on your plane or at the border, which needs to be filled out and stamped.

In addition to general preparations before flying, you should also consider vaccinations. The Foreign Office recommends the standard vaccinations (check the National Travel Health Network and bluebaysensations_antimosquitosCentre website for more information). When travelling to exotic countries it is generally recommended that you are vaccinated against hepatitis A, as well as hepatitis B if you plan to stay longer. However, it is always advisable to speak to a representative of the Tropical Institute beforehand.

Once your flight and hotel are booked and all necessary vaccinations have been taken care of, you can start packing!
Firstly, make sure to take your travel and vaccination certificate, as well as a transcript of your international health insurance with you. Even better, email them to yourself, ensuring you always have a copy if the original documents get lost. Secondly, it is always beneficial to write down the contact details of Embassy in Mexico. Finally, don’t forget credit cards, any TAN lists and a small first aid kit.

While You’re There
Want to explore more than just your resort? The domestic flight network in Mexico is very well-developed and comes highly recommended. If you prefer not to fly, you can also rely on the equally well-developed bus system. First class journeys meet European standards; however we wouldn’t recommend any other classes for your journey. If you decide to travel by car don’t drive during the night and only stop at busy motorway restaurants.

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If you really want to get to know Mexico and its people during your trip, keep a few specific customs and habits in mind. Mexicans are very polite people who are in no hurry. However, sometimes they don’t get along that well with the direct nature of Europeans or Americans, which might be perceived as aggressive. Consider learning a few words of Spanish – it will be appreciated! When greeting someone shake hands and say “Hola”, and “Adios” or bluebaysensations_billetes-y-monedas-mexicanos“hasta luego” for goodbyes. If you want to know how someone is doing, politely ask “que tal? ” and if you want to know anything else, like asking for directions, start your question with “Desculpe”, meaning “Excuse me … “. You can then proceed in English with the full attention of your counterpart.

Mexico is generally an affordable country, so budget around 150 U.S. dollars per person per day. This should cover everything, from hotel and food to sightseeing.




bluebaysensations_cancun_blue diamondBlue Diamond Riviera Maya*****GL

Km. 298.8 Carretera #307

77710 Playa del Carmen

Quintana Roo, México

Telefono: (+52) 984 206 4100


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Carretera Chetumal -Puerto Juárez- KM 300

77710 Playa del Carmen

Quintana Roo, México

Telefono: + (52) 984 877 450


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Boulevard Kukulcan KM 19.5

77500 Quintana Roo

Cancún, México

Telefono: + (52) 998 885 2222

Carnival at "El Cielo Cozumel"
Always a fun holiday at BelleVue Club (Alcudia, Majorca)

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