Do you fancy a bird’s-eye-view of Majorca?

To behold the beauty that comes from a painting or a photograph, we need to distance up to a good perspective. Is this, what I propose today to discover from the sky, the beauty of Mallorca: We talk about a trip in a balloon.

In the silence, suspended in the air, the rich hues of color and light leave the viewer speechless. This requires, start the day early. It is the right time for the flight of these aircraft.

The Balloon aierport, where the aircraft takes off is the Son Parot ( exclusive airport authorized ballooning in Spain since 2002) is located between the fields of the west coast of the island.

When the aircraft take up and roll off the sky moved by the wind, the traveler will enjoy the best perspective to see the island: its winding coastline with beautiful beaches and coves, mountains, fields. Many details that go unnoticed from the ground.

Take the opportunity of Flying like a bird, taking sips of freedom.

30 minutes from the hotel BelleVue Belsana in Porto Colom, 45 minutes from the hotels and BelleVue Lagomonte BelleVue Club in Alcudia and 1 hour BelleVue Vistanova Hotel in Palma Nova

BelleVue Club:
BelleVue Lagomonte:
BelleVue Vistanova:

For further information about a trip in aerostatic balloon visit:

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