Do you know about Lanzarote Cheese?

Do you know the cheese Lanzarote?

Sure, when you think about Lanzarote, you think of beaches and volcanic soil. But the culture, as its topography and climate have resulted in a very peculiar gastronomy, varied and, why not say, delicious.

Sitting at the table to Lanzarote is also a unique experience. Today, we will introduce their cheese with a flavor and exquisite texture.

Let’s start with the raw material: goat milk: this animal, represented a valuable resource for older Aboriginal people. Considering the harsh conditions of our fields, is one of the milk-producing breeds.

The “majorera” is the predominant type in the island with a polychrome appearance, tough and well adapted to arid areas. Fortunately, they are free of major diseases afflicting their congeneres in other countries.

For centuries, traditional techniques of manufacture have evolved to offer a product with guarantee of hygiene and sanitation.

Lanzarote cheese is made from raw goat milk to one hundred percent. Clotting enzyme, which favors the vitamins of milk are kept in the cheese. The mixture resulting from this process is pressed but not cooked, which helps to preserve their original excellent properties.

The crust color is white, like the mass cutting. Its outer shell is very thin and is distinguished by the traditional pattern of braided palm pleita. Mild flavor and pleasing to the palate with a delicate aroma. Ripened cheeses acquire externally shades of ivory to dark brown. As best bold cheeses are naturally smoked, or the original cheese covered with a layer of gofio or paprika.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Lanzarote and its cuisine is one of them. Make a stop along the way to sample dishes that combine wisely farm products and the sea, fine wines made from grapes than come from vineyards protected by volcanic ash originated by the Vulcan that guards the island.

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