Do you know the “Stone Zoo”? Visit it at Cuba

“The Stone Zoo” in Yateras, Cuban village, located in the East of the island, was built by Angel Iñigo Blanco, self-taught sculptor. Born into a peasant family, being a child started in the art of sculpture, using simple materials: wax and mud.

In the San Lorenzo farm, owned by the Castellano family, Angel discovered amazed the large amount of material that existed everywhere. It then comes up with the brilliant idea of ​​sculpting animals in the rocks, putting each figure on the environment that best remember their original habitat.

Began to flow from the cold stone, full of vital energy animals of every kind: the very first one born of the rock was a lion as recently escaped from African savannah followed by elephants, a snake fighting with a brave bull, a great ape, which may remind us to king kon film character and also small animals, featuring a set of 426 art pieces.

Over 29 years of continuous work and tireless enthusiasm shared with his son, Angel Iñigo Pérez, for 15 years working as apprentice and assistant, now he continues his father’s work.

Do not miss the chance to visit this peculiar zoo nestled in a natural jungle, declared as heritage of the national cuban culture on June 26, 1985. Be surprised by Cuba!

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