Cuban palate: Rice “a la Camagüeyana”

Those who have had the opportunity to visit Cuba, have demonstrated the fusion of different culinary tastes and traditions. Since its inception, the Cuban cuisine has been the result of the confluence of Spanish customs, Aboriginal, African, and the subsequent influence of Asian and Yucatan immigration.

The national dish is the chili sauce Creole, a set of meats, vegetables and meat cooked together various types ranging from the diversity of ingredients used in its construction. The typical Cuban dishes are combinations of rice with various ingredients, roast pork or fried plantains or chatinos (crushed plantain chips and fried), fried pork and corned beef.

Today we will try … Rice to Camaguey

Ingredients for 4 people:

  •      1 kl stewing veal
  •      ½ kl Rice
  •      1 red and 1 green pepper
  •      2 half-ripe plantains
  •     Dry wine 75 gr
  •      Laurel (1 – 2 sheets)
  •      Salt and pepper to taste
  •      Olive oil
  •      1 head garlic & onion
  •     tomato sauce
  •    Two parts of water by 1 part of rice.


Cut the meat into pieces. Season with salt and pepper, sauté with the oil over high heat, peel and crush the garlic, half an onion cut in very small cubes, cut the peppers in thin strips, and saying, add the rice, water and wine, mix well, add the bay leaf and tomato sauce, pinch of salt.
Fry the crushed bananas and place something over the rice. Enter the oven at 190 ° C for 20 minutes, without letting it pass us by.

Garnish with peppers, parsley, peas and… enjoy!

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